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"We are convinced we can take all the discarded, old rusty metal in in Maine and weld it into something whimiscal and fun for the garden"  

This retired shovel is now a garden angel
How here is lawn chair that will last - forever!

This lil turtle is a riot - His shell used to be a wok!

This bird bath is a fun place for the little guys to play.

Donated to MOGFA and is on display in Unity, ME
This critter has four wings and wheels! He's not sure what he is, but he is definitely having fun.

This Rockbird is up to his belly in snow


Yard Garb started humbly in our back yard about 2000. Holly wanted some kind of sculpture to place out in the yard. I have welded metal, mostly as a hobbyists, pretty much all my life.  I created a little critter out of some old anchor chain and a rusted pick ax. That little 3' foot bugger became the inspiration for hundreds of whimsical bugs, birds and really funny guys. Since then many, many people from Miami to Seattle are enjoying Yard Garb in their homes and gardens.       

This 4' long bird balances on his legs and rocks back & forth in the slightest breeze